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My former childhood best friend says that I am a fucked-up person, and maybe she’s right. However, after cutting off a twenty-year-friendship, I suddenly realized that there is nothing to miss, just a bunch of dead weight to let go. I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything at all. In…

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I don’t realize
how much of myself
I put into my writing,
until it is all reverberated back to me
on the lips of men
with pretty jawlines
and eyes
eager to understand my darkness
and hearts
desperate to make a home
of my shadows.

© Gina Clingan 2021

In another Universe, I never met him. I have never encountered his laughter or his smile. I have no idea what he looks like walking away. I have never heard his thinking noise or experienced the wrath of his stance with one hand on his hip. In this other Universe…

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I’m really thankful for all of my unanswered prayers.
I’m thankful our stars never aligned.
I’m thankful you were never given the chance
to take up any more of my time.

I’m thankful you two found each other.
I’m thankful your grass is still green.
I’m thankful I…

Gina Clingan

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