Read This In Your Moments Of Weakness

Gina Clingan
2 min readJul 20, 2022


Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

Karma doesn’t have fists, but we do. Sometimes we need to be the first domino who surrenders to gravity. We don’t see the grace in falling until we witness and piece together the chain of events that follow our moment of weakness.

You were a pawn of the Universe. You were the hand that Fate didn’t have but needed. The bullet you allowed to escape from the chamber of your throat was the butterfly whose wings will trigger a hurricane of change and progress in places you never could have imagined. You may have broken your own heart by nosediving from the heights of your own self-expectations, but the fragments left behind are the collateral damage of the harsh lesson that desperately needed to be learned:

We are all connected. Every word or action that is aimed at or witnessed by another human being is a trigger to a chain of events leading to something greater than ourselves.

Your recent fuck up was not entirely your fault. It was simply the Universe moving through you. Please do not become paralyzed by your own guilt. Don’t cascade down the rabbit hole of what ifs and if onlys. You are not resolved of all accountability, but you are not defined by it either. This does not define you without your consent. Do not let this moment of weakness overshadow your purpose and life. Honor those you hurt while you were healing by moving forward and doing your best to keep growing and becoming the kind of person they would be proud of. Keep going. Identify and break your own patterns. Share what you’ve learned through this experience and do your best to keep it from happening to anyone else. Your trauma, as well as the trauma that you have created, is all valid — but remember above all else that you don’t have to be a victim of any situation that you can still walk away from with blood in your veins and truth in your heart.

We are all lessons with heartbeats just waiting to meet each other. We do our best not to crash into each other’s lives or create any unnecessary damage, but sometimes the cracks and wounds are the only places where the seeds of Destiny can grow. Trust the process.

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Originally published on Collective World